Erica Luque, Esq.-Attorney

Erica Luque Luque Law Firm

I am the Owner and Founder of Luque Law Firm. I was born and raised in Naples, Florida, and it is my goal to help the Southwest Florida community grow and prosper. My father is a Cuban immigrant and my mother is of Mexican descent and was a migrant farmworker. My husband is from Peru and our children are first generation American on their father’s side. I know first-hand what it is like to go through the uncertainty of the immigration process and how it has long-lasting effects on the entire family. My personal experience with these issues is what sets my immigration law firm apart in the Naples community.

I am fluent in Spanish, which gives all of my Spanish speaking clients the ability to speak directly to me without the need of a translator. I previously held a prestigious internship with renowned immigration attorney Ira Kurzban. I have been practicing Immigration Law since 2011 and have a specialized knowledge in waivers and helping victims of crime.

I have also won national awards for my work.

Maria Cardenas-Paralegal

Maria Cardenas Luque Law Firm

I am the proud daughter of farmworker immigrants from Guerrero, Mexico. I understand firsthand the hardships faced by mixed immigration status families given my personal and professional experience. I am empathetic and understanding to the needs of clients and am committed to helping keep families together.

As a graduate of the School of Social Work at Florida Gulf Coast University, I bring an understanding of familiar and cultural aspects to my work in our immigration law firm in Naples. I practice holistic interventions to ensure the best interests of the families I assist.

I gained valuable experience in immigration law when I worked at Guadalupe Social Services of Catholic Charities/Immokalee under the supervision of noted local Attorney Maureen Kelleher.

I am enthusiastic and dedicated to continue serving the immigrant community of South West Florida at the Luque immigration law firm in Naples.

Carolina Quintino-Receptionist

I was born in Naples, Florida and lived in Immokalee, FL until I was thirteen. My parents are Mexican immigrants and in 2009 decided to move the family back to Mexico. Having lived in the United States all my life, I had mixed feelings about the move: I was excited at the idea of living in a new country, but I was also terrified of the uncertainty of what my life would become.

While in Mexico, I lived the hardships that most immigrants face and I learned why immigrants migrate to the United States. Life in Mexico was not easy. My day consisted of working the fields and helping my mother with household duties. While the experience humbled me, I was anxious to return to the United States.

In 2012, I returned to the United States without my parents. This separation was extremely difficult for me, as I had never been separated from them. That’s why I consider myself empathetic to mixed status immigrant families. I can understand what they are going through because I have personally experienced it.

I have over five years of experience in customer service relations. At Luque Law Firm, I have utilized this experience, along with my personal immigration experience, to provide the most effective and compassionate service for our clients.